Celebrating Our All American Cuisine

As barbecue (BBQ) continues to grow, we thought it time to celebrate its American roots. Although there is no definitive explanation for the origins of barbecue, most would admit that as we know it today, BBQ is a distinctly American cuisine. From its Southern roots, it has travelled around the country picking up regional characteristics. From the Carolinas vinegar based shredded pork to Texas mesquite smoked brisket, there is something for everyone to love. Come celebrate with us at Oinktoberfest 2014.

As part of this year’s theme we are honoring the importance of pork to BBQ, by hosting our first ever Whole Hog Competition, to be judged on Sunday. More details will be coming as we work them out.

Located in Clarence, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, Oinktoberfest is the longest continuously running BBQ competition in the state and has grown & prospered to become one of WNY’s premiere events. It is a part of Western New York’s biggest family event, the Fall Festival at the Great Pumpkin Farm. Please click our About page for more detailed information.

Nearly every year we break our record for number of competing teams. Last year, the KCBS Competition on Saturday was no exception. We expect this year to be the same.

Check out pictures from last year HERE and for a look at lthe contest results please click HERE.

Call Katy at 716 759-8483 or George at 716 759-4328. Or better yet email George at bbq@oinktoberfest.com to be added to the email list.